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Ecological & environmental consulting, planning, project management & implementation services for all land development and restoration projects

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What we do

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Wetland Solutions provides assessment, design, planning, implementation and maintenance for all or part of your land development or restoration project.  We focus on wetlands, plantings, stormwater, wastewater, weed/pest control and environmental management
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Why Choose Us

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What makes Wetland Solutions unique is that our qualified and experienced Ecologists both consult and implement at any stage or level of a project. We combine scientific information with practical 'on the ground' solutions resulting in sound and successful project outcomes
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Our Customer Say

Wetland Solutions guided us confidently through the Rural Subdivision process from beginning to end; our title was granted by Council only 2 years after planting and the aesthetics of our wetland are just outstanding!
E & G Evans, Landowners
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Our History

Wetland Solutions, established 2003, are recognised as industry leaders in Ecology and Environmental Consulting.

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