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NZ Longtail Bat Monitoring


Works Overview

Wetland Solutions was contracted by Winstone Aggregates Ltd to undertake the monitoring of long-tail bats within a significant forest.  

Works Included:

  • Monitoring of long-tail bats
  • Providing accurate information and reporting detail to client


As a result of ecological surveys by Winstone Aggregates to assess and manage the effects of a potential quarry development  long-tail bats were identified in the area.  Follow-up involved monitoring for 5-years within the vicinity to determine possible bat distribution and populations.  Several populations were discovered, one being the focus of Wetland Solutions monitoring.


Continued data collection from the monitoring allows for better understanding of the long-tail bat, which is currently considered to be a data deficient species.


Wetland Solutions undertook long-tail bat monitoring over a season in line with previous monitoring efforts.

The bats were detected by automatic (echo-location) detector boxes. 

A number of boxes were monitored utilising the best-practice methodologies during the warmer months when the bats would be expected to be most active and breeding.  

Data collected by Winstone Aggregates now allows for better understanding of the species, therefore enabling better management of the bats.

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