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Works Overview

Wetland Solutions were contacted by a private landowner in a rural area of Rodney, late 2013. The client had two large ponds which contained numerous weed species.  Wetland Solutions were contracted to eradicate the weed species and restore the ponds to more natural areas to provide greater aesthetics and beautification for the entire  wetland/pond area.  A key point of this beautification project was to greatly improve habitat for native wildlife.

Works included:

  • Environmental Weed Control / Complete Eradication

  • Planting Plan, Plant Supply (10,000) and Planting

  • Pond Margin, Standing Water, Buffer Planting, General Aesthetics


The focal area contains a natural flow of water into two successive ponds, with a spillway in between.  The ponds are set within a small catchment with exotic trees on either side of the gentle valley.  Previously, this area contained weed species and a very small amount of native vegetation.  There was a high chance of invasive weed species smothering the pond areas and causing a major problem for the landowners.  
The desired outcome was to enhance the area to a state where the pond margin, standing water and buffer vegetation is dominated by native species. The value of the project is not in terms of the amenity value for the surrounding area, but also great for the existing wildlife and the enhanced habitat that will invite more diversity to the area.


To be a visually appealing landscape feature of the owners property.

To restore the area to be dominated by native species.

To encourage native wildlife back into this area.


Extensive Weed control

Implementation of Planting Plans / Planting works

Plant replacements & routine maintenance

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